Thursday, July 30, 2009


Registrations is open.
Please email: for a copy of your registration form and competition details. The rules & regulations is included in the registration pack.

Please note that the registration fees for each category is as follows:
Category A - SGD$50 each pax.
Category B - SGD$50 each pax.
Category C - SGD$50 each pax.

*For PinkRoom Students only. Please state your Student ID when you email.

Category D - SGD$50 each pax.
[Team of 4 Pax]
Category E - SGD$50 each entry.
[Pre-Done Nail Art to be submitted by 01.09.09]
**For PinkRoom Students & Public. Which means anyone can register.
**There would be 2 Pre-Competition Workshop for these 2 categories. Please check back for updates.

A 50% discount is given for registration of every 4 categories.

Please email or call if you have any queries. It's time to challenge yourself!!

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